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About Us

California State Capitol Capitol Books and Gifts
Capitol Books and Gifts is a profit-sharing retail enterprise for DDSO clients in the basement of the California State Capitol in Sacramento. John Worsley, during his tenure as State Architect overseeing the renovation of the Capitol building, saw an opportunity to turn the "junk" copper from the dome, marble from the great rotunda and other discarded artifacts into historic and unique memorabilia. In 1981, the store began selling Capitol-themed memorabilia to State officials and the general public.

Today, Capitol Books and Gifts is the prime source of Golden State treasures ranging from flags to emblazoned coffee cups. For DDSO clients it is an opportunity to develop employment skills and earn fair wages.

When the Alan Short Center, the first DDSO division, was founded in Stockton in 1976 by Mary Short, it was developed as a program to help individuals with developmental disabilities communicate and express themselves through art. Since then, DDSO has grown and evolved as our understanding of the capabilities of the population we serve has evolved. Over time classes in personal finance, independent living, writing, and computer skills have taken their place next to the visual and performing arts.

DDSO is committed to enhancing the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities by creating options which help them be participating and productive members of the community. Whether clients want support to live more independently, want to learn to move around the community by themselves, want to continue their education, or want to work for a wage, DDSO is committed to providing services and supports to make it possible. DDSO serves 400 adults with developmental disabilities through ten different divisions located in Stockton and Sacramento.

You can learn more about DDSO by visiting www.ddso.org.